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More Details Coming Soon, But Get involved today!

If you would like to be a sponsor at this years Stockton BFD, or are an approved Vendor Sponsor or Special Event and need a Volunteer booth, click here for more details.


If you would like to perform at this years Stockton BFD, click here for more details.


If you would like to be a vendor at this years Stockton BFD, click here for more details.

Are you interested in being on the 2020 Board of Directors or a Committee? Click here to apply

Announcements & Events

Join Stockton Black Family Day for our 52nd Annual Celebration this Labor Day Weekend! This year, in response to the COVID pandemic, we are hosting our events and activities… virtually! Join us as we bring you on a comprehensive virtual celebration of the many accomplishments and contributions of individuals, organizations and movements of, for and affecting African Americans in the San Joaquin County.  

Our 2020 Theme is “Celebrating Our Men”.  Special programming will be geared to acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate the male pillars of the Black community. The three-day virtual event will also include unforgettable entertainment, insightful speakers, informative facts about health & wellness, soulful gospel and Jazz music, exciting interactive youth and children’s activities, and of course access to our yearly BFD Marketplace for Food Vendors, Merchants and information booths, all accessible through our BFDTV Broadcast September 5-7th, 2020.

In the past years, an estimated 2000-2500 people visit the park during our physical celebration. This year, our virtual reach is over 100x that. Based on expert research, we expect a total reach of up to 1 million, over the 3 day simulcasted broadcast of the event through our website, Youtube, Facebook and multiple other Social Media platforms.

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